Images Make Or Break websites

An award winning photgrapher

I add value to my customers websites as an award winning photographer. Photos can make or break a website
If you're on a budget I can help find the best free stock photos available and prepare them so they look good on the web without slowing down your site.
Photos bring a degree of emotional charge and non verbal communication that contributes to the feel of the page
I can also come to your premises and take photos that are personal to you which can greatly increase the uniqueness of your site.
There is also a lot of skill in properly preparing photos for your website. Photos need to be correctly colour balanced and have a good tonal range from highlights to shadows. Photographs also need to be correctly compressed so they look good and don't slow down your page. If you push that process too far you get bad pixilation that looks messy so there is a fine balance to be struck. 

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Yoda master of the web
Yoda moves to spice up your website

1 Photo 6 different treatments

It's a language we can explore and play with when you you know how.

Full colour web page photo exampleB&W  web page photo exampleDuotone  web page photo exampleOld style web page photo exampleHigh contrast web page photo exampleB&W background isolated web page photo example

Talking of Yoda I took a rare photo of the monk the character of Yoda is based on

Ok this may seem it does not have much do with websites, but it does illustrate the power of pictures to tell a story.

When I was a monk I was lucky enough to be the attendant of Bhante Dhammavaro who was aged 106. He was a friend of George Lucas who is said to have based the character of Yoda on him. What an incredible experience it was to spend time with him. 
Photo as web design story

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.

— Aaron Siskind

When Design Goes Bad

Examples often seen even on high end websites

Every design element that has not been done well downgrades your credibility in the eyes of visitors to your website on a subconscious level. As you can see photographs are a design element that needs to be handled professionally.  

Here we can see vey common examples of poorly handled images that are common to see on websites from left to right: 

Colour balance gone wrong/pixilation/poor cropping/blown highlights/compressed shadows/squint cropping
clourcast photo example
blown highlights photo example
compressed highlights phot example

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