Recent Testimonials

"beautifully crafted"

Kiy Anjali homepage
Mine was an unusually challenging commission as I am severely sight impaired, needing to use magnifiers. Mahesi used his own judgement and imagination to create a website based on his own feeling for my work.

The final product exceeded expectations. People who have seen it described it (and I quote) "beautifully crafted"... "Wonderfully spacious and simple, reflecting the essence of writings" ... "exactly captures the mood of the poems"

Mahesi's past training and expertise as a professional photography is also evident in the creation of website. I now have the deep satisfaction that my poems and writing, with the help of Mahesi, are out there for others to read. and I am happy that the website represents them so well.
Kiy Anjali

"I was struggling"

Luke Shepherd
I was struggling with an outdated website and knew I needed a new one. The trouble was, as an artist, I was looking for a web designer with an understanding of aesthetic. They had to be able to understand how to make it visually stunning as well as being streamlined and functional behind the scenes. That's a rare combination.

Mahesi rescued the situation. Being an award winning photographer he quickly understood my concerns. It was inspiring to work together. The enthusiasm doubled. We were both excited at seeing the new site emerge.

Together he helped me formulate the aesthetic which showcases my work. Because I couldn't afford to have my high end bronze work let down again by poor design.

In 4 months I have already gained 2 commissions.
My clients tell me they were very impressed with the site and that was a strong factor in deciding to give me the work. The cost to design the site has been repaid.. that's what I call ROI.

I highly recommend him.
Luke Shepherd

" has been inspiring"

David Oxley
I really love what Mahesi has created with this website…. how through texture tone mood depth images spacing his designs have captured and conveyed so much about me and what I seek to offer as a therapist.

From our initial conversation through to a prototype and then to what you see now I have felt included throughout and ‘in’ on the project.

His interest flare and enthusiasm has been inspiring and his support substantial. I feel no hesitation in writing a review Many many thanks Mahesi!
David Oxley

"a great job"

David Holmes
Mahesi has done a great job with my website. He is super efficient and focused, got it done very quickly with lots of ideas and suggestions. Highly recommend.
David Holmes

" clear and fresh"

Classical Yoga
Thanks so much Mahesi, my new site is bright, clear and fresh, a much needed update. I've had lots of positive feedback and new enrolments - job done, and good to have worked with you in the process. Your understanding of yoga and meditation was a big bonus for me, along with all your creative skills.
Jane Mackarness

"looks great"

Just had a proper look at website and it looks great. Thanks so much Mahesi - you have done a great job, I am really grateful.
James Brown

" beautiful job"

As a caterer and artist I have a deep desire for aesthetics and Mahesi has done a most beautiful job building my website. I feel nourished visually and truly touched by how I was held and transformed having being made visible online. Mahesi hold a real gift in delivering you with a fine eye for details. Thank you.

" Nice work, Sir"

Charlie Ward
Wow, we are really close. I think maybe one more review by me and we can go live. Nice work, Sir!
Charlie Ward Jr., Esq.

" sense of style"

Really impressed with the level of service I’ve received and I’m absolutely loving my new website (and not just me, I’ve had fantastic feedback from other people too).

Mahesi took time to listen to my ideas and implemented them effectively, showing real understanding of my business and its audience. I think it’s rare to find someone who combines technical know-how with a refined sense of style and an eye for design, especially at such a competitive price.

He’s also set me up to manage the site myself going forward, which is fantastic and super convenient, as I can now upload new artwork at my own pace. I feel incredibly lucky to have found Webosophy and highly recommend Mahesi as a web-developer.
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